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Quality Checking Process

Since or inception we have been following a Total Quality Management checking process to deliver an outstanding quality of Shot Blasting Unit, Single Shot Blasting Unit, Shot Blasting Machine, Hz-Pipe Shot Blasting Machine, Hz-Plate Shot Blasting Machine, Hz-Section Shot Blasting Machine, Japanese Blasting Unit, Multifunction Shot Blasting Machine, etc. Our quality department is very particular about the quality of our offered product and thus they keep a close vigil on each production process to ensure that only high grade materials and components are used n the manufacturing process. Our quality team works in compliance with industrial standards so as to maintain their consistency in offering products as er the guidelines. The final product is checked on stringent parameters such as construction, sturdiness and functioning.

Main Products

We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of:
  • Shot Blasting Machines
  • Double Hanging, Hook Rotation Shot Blasting Machine
  • Hz-Pipe Shot Blasting Machine
    Hz-Plate Shot Blasting Machine
  • Hz-Section Shot Blasting Machine
  • Japanese Blasting Unit
  • Multi Function Shot Blasting Machine
  • Stone Shot Blasting Machine

Our Facility

We have developed a state-of-the-art infrastructure facility which is the backbone of our company. Our infrastructure covers a wide area in our premises which has different departments to perform the fabrication process, quality testing, storing and packaging process in a systematized manner. To conducts all these business operation in an efficient manner each department has been provided with robust machines and equipment which are as per the modern technology. Our spacious and large warehouse is an another important attribute of our organization which able us to accommodate our products safely even in the most unforeseen situations.

Company regulations:

  • Quality management and supervision rules
  • Product development and design planning
  • Design review and verification requirements
  • Inter-process inspection requirements
  • Final inspection and test requirements
  • Subcontractor assessment approach
  • Quality Information Management Measures
Documents to provide:
  • Floor plan and cross-sectional view
  • Based map (basic civil process diagram)
    • Civil floor plan
    • Embedded parts location map
    • Pit sectional view
    • Embedded parts load size location
    • Operating room and electric control room
    • Public water and electricity consumption values
  • Mechanical device file equipment before acceptance of delivery
    • Assembly drawing
    • Pneumatic schematics
    • Dedusting system diagram
    • The main components
    • Vulnerable parts
    • Manual (including equipment installation, operation and maintenance instructions)
  • Electrical equipment acceptance document before equipment delivered
    • Electrical schematics
    • Electrical wiring diagram inside
    • External electrical wiring diagrams
    • Ladder diagram or program
    • The main outsourcing parts manuals and sample

Quality guarantee:  24 months
After sales service:  permanent 

Standards in following up:

  • GB 191-1990 Packing Pictorial signs
  • GB 9969.1-1988 General Industrial Product Manual
  • GB / T 13306-1991 signs
  • GB / T 13384-1992 General technical conditions of mechanical and electrical products packaging
  • GB / T 5226.1-1996 Industrial machinery and electrical equipment Part 1: General technical conditions
  • GB4053-83 climb the ladder, desk, bar safety standards
  • JB 3713.2-1984 double disc blasting technical conditions
  • JB 5545-1991 casting machinery safety technical conditions
  • JB / T 5364-1991 sand, cleaning equipment painted technical conditions
  • JB / T 5365.1-1991 Determination of casting machinery cleanliness gravimetric method
  • Determination of JB / T 6331.2-1992 foundry machinery noise sound pressure level measurement
  • JB / T 8355-1996 General technical conditions throw blasting equipment
  • JB1644-91 Foundry Machinery General technical conditions
  • JB5545-91 casting machinery safety technical conditions
  • JT / T8355-96 throw blasting equipment General technical conditions
  • ZB J61 008-1989 single hook shot blasting machine technical conditions
  • ZB J61 010-1989 by Abrator technical conditions


A high degree of automation

1. Automatic loading and unloading, can be used alone, can also be associated with more than one, such as supporting the continuous conveyor composed of production to clean lines. Is large, the ideal cleaning equipment, a small piece of clean-up, with advanced design, compact structure, low energy consumption, high efficiency, adaptability, and so on.
2. Electronically controlled pneumatic system uses the internationally renowned brands (Schneider, Siemens, etc.), automatic status with PLC control and limit switch, the formation of automated control systems, automated production line, the production process coordination accurate, effective control of the work piece movement and automatic in-feed travel, to avoid collisions, to ensure the stability of the shot blasting equipment operation, improved production efficiency.

Second, long-life wear parts

1. The chamber body guard using Mn13, service life is 4-5 times that of conventional products.
2. Throwing the head, sub-pill wheel, directional sets, blades are made of professional manufacturers of wax casting mill, running time up to 600-800H, far beyond the conventional 200H life.
3. Sub-pill wheel, directional sets of blades are thin and smooth surface, structural arrangement is reasonable, thus effectively extending the life of wear parts.

Third, the good effect of dust

1. Sealing the entire device: sealing performance has a direct impact on the size of the negative pressure. Affect the seal biggest gap between the vacuum chamber and dust filter systems, compact Valley board of blasting equipment, design structure, the overall sealing, bag filter material stress, smoking good effect, strong wind suction chamber body, dust concentration of 50mg/m (the far superior to the industry 120mg/m), in full compliance with the national emission standards, which greatly improved the operator's working environment.
2. The fan: the fan is part of the filter, which provides a negative pressure, and the fan air volume is to provide an important element to ensure removal of dust, it is adsorbed to the surface of the dust filter. By adjusting the valves around the branch pipe, so that the balance of the wind distribution, thereby enhancing the effect of dust.
3. The cleaning device: automatic cleaning device consists of a timing controller and pulse valve. By timing control device to control the pulse valve, thereby controlling the rotation of the filter cleaned and compressor operating frequency.
4. Length and arrangement of dust tube: Dust pipe shot blasting machine and play a role in connecting the precipitator. Dust through the dust pipe into the dust by shot blasting machine. Dust tube is too long will increase the loss of air flow, resulting in insufficient negative pressure within the dust tube, the impact of dust effects. Through trial found that when the dust tube was arranged arched dust best.
5. The circulatory system by feeding screw, elevator, separator, projectile control systems, hoppers and other components.

Fourth, the low-noise equipment

1. Shot blasting equipment operation noise control at 85dB.
2. Wear-resistant rubber track, reducing the workpiece collisions and damage, reduces noise when the machine is running.

Why have these advantages?

A first-class R & D team

Have their own R & D center, the company provides a technology platform support. Strong technical inputs from various, mainly in the following aspects: First, the plant from the company and the industry as well as the integration of advanced technology universities (Tongji University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Shandong University, etc.) has long-term cooperation in research studies; Second, efforts advanced enterprises with foreign trade and technical cooperation and research; Third, with raw material suppliers to develop joint research; fourth, has its own unique research team. The company set up a technical team of 60 people from the way of self-introduction and cultivation of world-class companies. Companies in the technology platform, focus on new product development and test for, thus shortening development cycles, improve product design level.

Second, advanced production and processing equipment

The company has a large CNC cutting, large CNC machining centers and other advanced equipment. Details are as follows: CNC flame cutting machine (length 48m, width 4m), five-axis CNC coordinate boring, bending, rolling bed (can be bent thickness 20mm, length 4m), CNC high-speed presses (mainly used for processing non-standard punching), 2 sets of large CNC machining center (length 5 * W 2. 6, length 3.2 * wide 2.3), 5 CNC lathes, 14 sets of CNC cutting machine, two sets of CNC milling and boring machine, three sets of gear hobbing machine, two sets of carbon dioxide, such as welding machines processing equipment can provide users with different accuracy requirements casting finished pieces.

Third, improve the quality management system and strict management system

Product quality determines the success or failure of the enterprise, it is the corporate image of the connotation, and also an important factor in whether the customer approved enterprise. Raritan Valley companies adhering to the "science and technology, quality of survival, service to win customers, brand-effective," the quality, the establishment of a sound quality management system. Mainly in the following three aspects:

1. The establishment of a coherent quality management objectives: products manufactured pass rate of 100% customer satisfaction, product cost reduction rate. The company mobilize full participation in quality management, inspire determination to complete quality objectives, management by expanding the energy radiating broaden management and enhance the management level, not only to achieve the purpose of quality management, and more with an emphasis on the quality of the team.
2. The importance of internal quality audits: Raritan Valley companies to take advantage of this important internal quality audit system management tools, facilitate the maintenance and improvement of the internal system. Set up internal management committee, appointed by the command of the fixed management and internal audit manager, formulation of guidelines to determine their duties in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the quality system certification, the establishment of appropriate organizational procedures, training of personnel, develop plans, implement internal quality systems, auditing, approving the report, visit the production site command when necessary, especially when the impact occurred yield and quality, yield should no doubt be subject to quality. Managers threw themselves into improving quality, the better the various road crossings, to ensure the normal flow of product.
3. Correctly handle the relationship between the quality of their own, establish supplier evaluation system: strengthening the raw materials and purchased parts supplier product quality control to ensure the quality of purchased product. Periodic surveys supplier production and operation, product quality assurance capabilities, and to obtain the appropriate assessment information (quality assurance within the validity period of the agreement, product qualification test reports, technical standards, performance certificate, etc.) as an effective basis for the assessment of qualified suppliers, thereby establishing a qualified supplier list.

Company "customer, team, employees, innovation, efficiency" as the core values to the international advanced technology as the standard, to "become an international machinery manufacturing enterprise-class" for the vision and actively promote the development of domestic industries, enhance and establish a strict management system. Divided by the quality policy and management objectives at the core of the quality management system to track, outside the management of nonconforming product, return merchandise management systems, procurement management system, but also for the various departments, staff positions were clear rules of accountability and reward and punishment, such as sales management system, warehouse storage and a library review system, the company operating the process of financial documents management system, document control and design management system, strict reasonable production process to control, marketing and management system, service management system, and so on.

Most commonly used models: